09. February 2021

SHS Group achieves "Leadership" status in CDP sustainability ranking

In 2020, the SHS Group with the companies Dillinger and Saarstahl participated for the first time in the rating of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and achieved an A- overall rating.

Thus CDP recognises the leading position of the SHS Group in the “Metal smelting, refining & forming” sector. The aim of the rating of the non-profit organisation CDP is to create the largest possible transparency of environmental data of companies, organisations or cities. Once a year, CDP collects and evaluates the data and information provided on a voluntary basis and assesses, among other things, the climate protection strategy. The non-profit organisation makes several thousand evaluations per year and thus creates the greatest possible transparency.

The CDP rating is based on eleven different categories: From business and financial planning, supply chain responsibility and governance, to energy and emissions reduction initiatives. The leadership assessment by CDP confirms that responsible conduct and sustainable business are central components of the SHS Group’s corporate policy. Since 2003, both companies have invested around 700 million euros in the improvement of environmental protection. Of this, 200 million euros have been specifically invested in plants and processes to reduce CO2 emissions. The result of the current CDP ranking is provided for interested customers.