14. September 2023

Always state-of-the-art thanks to continuous improvement and innovation – Saarstahl plant in Neunkirchen celebrates 430th anniversary

The historic Saarstahl plant in Neunkirchen recently celebrated its 430th anniversary. The plant is an important employer for the region with a current workforce of about 800 people. Employees of the plant – some of whom are from families that have worked in Saarland’s steel industry for generations – see themselves as part of the big steelmaking family. They showed their affiliation with the plant during the celebration by responding to the invitation in large numbers, together with their families.

Other anniversaries were also celebrated during the company party: Wire Rod Mill 32 celebrated its 60th anniversary; Bar Steel Mill 31, which began operating in 1972, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Both rolling mills have produced a total of 37.34 million tons of rolled products since they began operation – enough to circle the earth 422 times.

The families of the employees as well as other guests got to learn how steel is produced at the site during a tour of the plant, said plant manager Thomas Nikolay, describing the celebration. The party was intentionally organized at the plant as a family celebration in order to honor the dedication and commitment of the employees.

Numerous guests from politics were also on hand to congratulate the plant on its anniversary. State Parliament President Heike Becker summarized her impressions after the tour of the plant: “With its long industrial history, the plant has proven that it stands for continuity and quality. With its rolling mills and highly qualified workforce, it is one of the top addresses for the production of free-cutting and spring steels as well as cold heading grades in bar steel or wire rod.”

For Mayor Jörg Aumann, the plant also stands for traditions the public identifies with: Under the name “Eisenwerk” (ironworks), it has had a lasting influence on the town of Neunkirchen for centuries and can now proudly look back on 430 years.

Landrat (District Administrator) Sören Meng praised the Neunkirchen plant for its innovation and for “always keeping pace with the state-of-the-art” through continuous investments.

The future of Saarland’s steel industry was outlined by Stefan Rauber, Chairman of the Board of Management of Saarstahl: “We’ve proven many times that we are adaptable and well equipped for the future. I am confident we will also manage the transformation to climate-neutral steel production. SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar with the companies Saarstahl and Dillinger aim to become the most innovative steel companies in Germany. From as early as 2027, up to 3.5 million metric tons of low-carbon steel are slated to be produced annually in Saarland, saving 4.9 million metric tons of CO2. The newly created Pure Steel+ brand stands for this ambitious undertaking.”


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