07. December 2021

EUR 5,000 for Tafel Völklingen

On 6 December – St. Nicholas Day in Germany – the Tafel food bank in Völklingen is receiving a EUR 5,000 donation from Saarstahl AG. The volunteers used part of the money to pack St. Nicholas bags for the children of the roughly 300 families who currently visit the food bank. The remaining EUR 4,500 will be used to finance the new refrigerated vehicle that is urgently needed by the food bank, which is run by Diakonie Saar.

“The new refrigerated vehicle is very important to the food bank because it will enable us to collect donated goods that require refrigeration, and the old vehicle is increasingly requiring repairs. The donation helps us a lot here,” said Claudia Rebmann, Diakonie Saar. She expressed her thanks to the representatives of Saarstahl during their visit to Gatterstraße 13, the location of the Tafel Völklingen food bank.

Supporting the local food bank is a matter of special concern for Saarstahl. “We are happy to be able to bring joy to the hearts of the children of needy families in the region during the holiday season with this St. Nicholas campaign,” said Juliane Wernet, Communications Saarstahl. “Our thanks especially go to the many volunteers at the food bank, who have also shown special dedication to providing their customers with food during the coronavirus pandemic. With the donation for a new refrigerated vehicle, we want to support their work.”

The Tafel Völklingen food bank regularly gives out donated food to about 300 families with low incomes. In total, the Tafel Völklingen food bank supports more than 800 people, 42 percent of whom are children. The food bank is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In addition to the support provided by the food bank, the program sponsor, Diakonie Saar, seeks to offer sustainable help to the needy in Völklingen with a wide array of support services at Haus der Diakonie (Diaconia House), ranging from social and debt counselling to assistance for homeless people.

Several thousand euros are still needed to finance the new refrigerated vehicle. You can also donate to the project with a bank transfer to the donation account number of Diakonie Saar under the keyword “Tafel Völklingen”, IBAN DE76 5909 2000 7171 7100 00.