07. December 2022

EUR 7,500 for Völklingen Tafel food bank

Saarstahl AG regularly supports the Völklingen Tafel food bank and is now donating EUR 7,500. The Diakonie Saar, which sponsors the Tafel food bank, used part of the donation to purchase the softshell vests and aprons for the more than 30 volunteers and packed St. Nicholas bags for the customers. The remaining sum will be used for maintaining the food bank and for non-perishable foodstuffs, which are donated by supermarkets only in small quantities because they now calculate their stocks more accurately in this respect.

“The Tafel relies on donations,” explained Stefan Gebhardt, Head of the Public Social Work department, during the visit by Saarstahl. This involves more than just food and time donated by volunteers; the food bank is also affected by increased fuel and energy costs. “We can use your donation to support both the volunteers and food bank customers in a variety of ways. And we can maintain our operations. That’s wonderful!” Gebhardt said, expressing his heartfelt thanks to Saarstahl.

“The softshell jackets and aprons for the volunteers are our way of expressing our appreciation for the important commitment of the men and women who work as volunteers,” said Juliane Wernet from Saarstahl Communications. “With the St. Nicholas bags, we want to give families in particular a small gift in these financially strained times when they visit the Völklinger Tafel on St. Nicholas Day.”

The Völklingen Tafel food bank currently supplies donated food to around 1,200 people on low incomes each month. In addition to the support provided by the food bank, the program sponsor, Diakonie Saar, seeks to offer sustainable help to the needy in Völklingen at Haus der Diakonie (Diaconia House) through a wide array of support services ranging from social and debt counselling to assistance for homeless people.

The Völklingen Tafel is open on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Tafel is currently not accepting new customers because they’ve reached their capacity for food distribution. “The high demand is a warning that poverty is not just a marginal problem in Germany. We also notice in our social counseling service that more and more people have their backs to the wall financially,” Gebhardt warns.

About the Diakonie Saar:

Diakonie Saar offers help and counseling to people in the tradition of Christian charity. We empower, encourage and support those in need as well as comfort, nurture, educate and train. We open up new opportunities for people to live autonomously and help shape living and social spaces. We collectively advocate for a fairer society.

Diakonie Saar is run by the German Evangelical Church districts of the east Saar region and west Saar region. As a church institution, Diakonie Saar is a partner regarding social issues with the German Evangelical parishes in Saarland.

You can support the facilities and projects of Diakonie Saar with your donation:
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About the Saarstahl Group:

The Saarstahl name has long stood for high-quality, customized solutions made from steel. The Saarstahl Group, headquartered in Völklingen, Germany, specializes in the production of wire rod, bar steel, billets and forged products in premium qualities. With innovative products and intelligent technologies, Saarstahl is helping to find answers to global challenges like mobility, energy efficiency and safety. Saarstahl products are in demand by the automotive and construction industries, the power engineering industry, the aerospace industry, by general mechanical engineering and by other steel processing industries, and they are used in applications that can be subjected to the most extreme conditions. With the acquisition of a rail plant and an electric steel plant in France, Saarstahl is also significantly advancing the environmental transition in the area of sustainable mobility. For more information: www.saarstahl.com