05. October 2021

First low-carbon steel from Saarstahl Ascoval arrives in Saarland

From the outside the steel ingots – known in the industry as steel billets – look like ordinary steel. But the delivery of these billets is a special first: the first delivery of low-carbon steel from Saarstahl Ascoval, the new Saarstahl subsidiary in the north of France (Saint-Saulve), has arrived at the Burbach works. There they are rolled into wire and delivered to the first customers in the construction industry.

Production with the electric arc furnace at Saarstahl Ascoval combines recycling management with a new manufacturing technology using carbon-neutral electricity. This produces a steel that significantly reduces the ecological footprint of the products. This technology also opens up the opportunity for Saarstahl to offer a broader range of products in the future.

With the first delivery of carbon-reduced steel from Saint-Saulve to Saarland, a further milestone has been reached on the way to decarbonization and the production of carbon-neutral steel. Saarstahl can now offer its first customers climate-friendly steel as the basis for their products and value chains. In the coming months, the application of this steel with the necessary approvals will be extended to other business areas.