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Bar processing


Efficient and highly advanced

Bar processing at the Nauweiler and Neunkirchen locations makes Saarstahl a full-service provider for all bar steel designs: we are able to realize any treated condition, including tested, heat-treated, roll-peeled, or configured to the requested bar lengths. If an optimum microstructure is not already achieved with the rolling heat, it is adjusted using heat treatment processes specifically tailored to the product.

Our numerous interlinked inspection lines with automatic sorting are a special feature of our bar processing. A 100% inspection of the bars during the production flow for surface and interior defects, dimensional deviations and identity ensures a high degree of security with respect to the bars used in the production process of our customers.



  • Blasted
  • Peeled, corrosion-protected (oiled), bundled and banded
  • Heat treated:
    • Induction hardening and tempering: Quenching in water
    • Annealing (open): tempering, annealing to a specific hardness (BF), annealing to a specific microstructure (BG), soft annealing, spheroidization annealing (GKZ), normalizing, annealing to relieve stress, air hardening
  • Straightened
  • Cut (in the package)
  • Stacked (edge profiles)

Test procedure

  • Surface testing:
    • Magnetic flux leakage test
    • Dry magnetic particle testing (Mecana system)
  • Internal defect testing:
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Automatic and manual testing
  • Dimensional checks:
    • Laser diameter
    • Identification testing