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Wire processing


Continuous investment and innovation

Our wire processing offers customers a wide range of surface coating and heat treatment options. Our R&D division has developed innovations such as MARAFORMTM, SAG-Protect or SAG-Composite, which improve surface properties or save work steps. In recent years, the company has continuously invested in wire processing, including a high-bay warehouse for treated wire rod in Neunkirchen and a blasting system.



  • Blasted
  • Surface coated:
    • Pickled
    • Bonderized
    • Lime coated
    • Soap treated
    • Polymer coated
  • Heat treated:
    • In the rolling process: Stelmore cooled (controlled cooling), (double) thermomechanical rolling
    • Annealing (open and under inert gas), tempering, annealing to a specific hardness (BF), soft annealing, spheroidization annealing
    • Tempering (MARAFORMTM): Tempering in oil (coil quench and tempering system)

Test procedure

  • Surface testing:
    • Eddy current process for hot wire
    • Magnetic flux leakage test
  • Internal defect testing:
    • Ultrasonic testing
  • Dimensional checks:
    • Laser diameter
  • Identification testing:
    • Spectral analysis
    • Eddy current process
    • Grinding spark test