High carbon drawing qualities


Wide variety wire rod for infrastructure, mobility and safety

We supply wire rod with a medium or high carbon content, which is used as an input material for drawing plants, cable plants and cold rolling mills. After various processing steps, the wire rod is further processed to obtain the following final products, including:

  • Technical springs
  • Cable armoring wire
  • Rope wire
  • Upholstery spring wire
  • Ski edge profiles

Our wire rod is often used for special applications, such as in the offshore industry (armoring wire or as rope wire for platform anchoring). We are also involved in new mobility concepts (urban transport and cable cars) with our products.

Prestressing Steel

Prestressing steel is a wire rod with high carbon content. We add various microalloys to the steel depending on which mechanical and technological end properties are required. Prestressing steels are used in the construction industry and must withstand the highest mechanical loads, especially in terms of tensile strength. The main applications for prestressing steel include

  • Bridge construction
  • Industrial and residential construction
  • Railway track construction
  • Wind turbines



Nadja Mross
Teamleader Sales Drawing Grades

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Frank Jungmann
Head of Quality Department Burbach

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Rolled steel types

Rolled steel types