Welding wire


Customer focus through diversity and customized solutions

Our wire rod is used as the preliminary material for the manufacture of a wide range of welding wires and is used in

  • Shielded arc welding wires
  • Electrode core wires
  • Submerged arc welding wires
  • Gas welding filler rods

In addition to the common standard qualities in accordance with ISO 14171, 14341 and AWS A5.18, for example, we offer special variants or modified steels on request, depending on the specific final applications of our customers. These also include heat-treated and/or surface-treated qualities.

In the next step of the value chain, our subsidiary Schweißdraht Luisenthal offers welding and spray wires for a wide range of industrial applications.



Nadja Mross
Teamleader Sales Drawing Grades

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Frank Jungmann
Head of Quality Department Burbach

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Rolled steel types

Rolled steel types